Catocala abacta ssp. irana Brandt,1938

Catocala actaea actaea Felder et Rogenhofer,1874

Catocala adultera Ménétries,1856

Catocala agitatrix Graeser,1888

Catocala amabilis Bang-Haas,1907

Catocala bella Butler,1877

Catocala brandti brandti Hacker et Kautt,1999

Catocala brandti schaideri Habeler et Hacker,1999

Catocala columbina Leech,1900

Catocala conjuncta conjuncta (Esper,1787)

Catocala connexa Butler,1881

Catocala conversa (Esper,1783)

Catocala deducta Eversmann,1843

Catocala detrita Warren,1913

Catocala deuteronympha Staudinger,1861

Catocala dilecta (Hubner,1808)

Catocala disjuncta (Geyer,1828)

Catocala dissimilis dissimilis Bremer,1861

Catocala diversa (Geyer,1828)

Catocala doerriesi Staudinger,1888

Catocala dula carminea (Mell,1939)

Catocala dula dula Bremer,1861

Catocala duplicata Butler,1885

Catocala electa electa (Vieweg,1790)

Catocala ella Butler,1877

Catocala elocata elocata (Esper,1787)

Catocala afghana Swinhoe,1885

Catocala eutychea (Treitschke,1835)

Catocala fraxini fraxini (Linnaeus,1758)

Catocala fulminea fulminea (Scopoli,1763)

Catocala fulminea chekingansensis Mell,1933

Catocala helena beicki Mell,1936 Mongolia

Catocala hymenaea (/Denis et Schiffermuller/,1775)

Catocala martyrum Oberthur,1881

Catocala inconstans Butler,1889

Catocala intacta intacta Leech,1889

Catocala jonasii Butler,1877

Catocala juncta Staudinger,1889

Catocala lara lara Bremer,1861

Catocala lesbia Christoph,1887

Catocala lupina lupina Herrich-Schaffer,1851

Catocala mariana Rambur,1858

Catocala mesopotamica Kusnezov,1903

Catocala mirifica Butler,1877

Catocala neglecta Staudinger,1888

Catocala neonympha neonympha (Esper,1805)

Catocala nivea nivea Butler,1877

Catocala nubila Butler,1881

Catocala nupta nupta ab. coerulescens

Catocala concubia (Walker,1858) China-Sicchuan

Catocala nupta nupta (Linnaeus,1767)

Catocala nymphaea nymphaea (Esper,1787)

Catocala nymphagoga nymphagoga (Esper,1787)

Catocala nymphagoga var. vallantini (Oberthur,1894) PT-Setubal,ESP,MO,ALG

Catocala optata optata (Godart,1824)

Catocala optima Staudinger,1888

Catocala puerpera orientalis Staudinger,1877

Catocala pacta pacta (Linnaeus,1758)

Catocala prolifica Walker,1857

Catocala promissa (/Denis et Schiffermuller/,1775)

Catocala pudica Moore,1879

Catocala puerpera puerpera (Giorna,1791)

Catocala remissa Staudinger,1892

Catocala repudiata Staudinger,1888

Catocala separans Leech,1889

Catocala separata Freyer,1848

Catocala sponsa (Linnaeus,1767)

Catocala streckeri Staudinger,1888

Catocala oberthueri Austaut,1879 ESP-Andalucia

Catocala timur Bang-Haas,1907

Catocala armandi Poujade,1888 Asia,Tibet

Catocala buttleri Leech,1900 China, N.Sicchuan

Catocala contemnenda Staud.,1891 China - Xinjiang

Catocala hyperconnexa Sugi,1965 Japan

Catocala coreana Staudinger,1892 Korea,Japan,Siberia

Catocala praegnax Walker,1858 JP, China, Manchzhuria

Catocala abacta Staudinger,1900 Asia Minor

Catocala aestimabilis Stgr. Kazachstan


I want to thank my friend Zdenek Navratil from Brno (below) for enable me to take a pictures of moths at his beautiful collection.

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